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Who can participate in VELUX International Design Award?
Design students from acknowledged European design institutions that offer Bachelor-level courses as a minimum. ​
Who are the jury members?

​The jury consists of internationally recognized jury members. Please read more about it by following the link "Jury".

How are the projects evaluated?
​The jury will evaluate the projects on the basis of the following criteria: Innovation, Quality of life, Sustainability and Market potential. Please read more about the evaluation criteria by following the link “Requirements”.
What are the technical requirements?
You should register before 31 December 2013 and submit your project before 31 March 2014. You should submit a JPG or bitmap image with no vector graphics and without clipping paths and layers, viewable on a 12.5 inch monitor with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. You should also submit a project description written in English of maximum 200 words. It is optional whether you want to upload a film demonstrating the project. Read more by following the link “Requirements” .​
What are the prizes?
​The jury will select one First Prize and one Second Prize. First Prize: 6,000 Euros. 
Second Prize: 2,500 Euros. All participants will have the opportunity to compete for the Community Prize by joining the social community. Community prize: 1,500 Euros. Read more by following the link “Prizes”.
How is the community winner appointed?
​All contestants will have the opportunity to join the community and upload images that visualise their inspiration, their thoughts on material and their reflections on improved quality of life in relation to the project. The community entries can be shared in social networks, and everyone can vote on their favourite. The most favoured series of images will win the community prize of €1,500. Read more by following the link “Community”.  
When can I register for the VELUX International Design Award 2014?
Registration for VELUX International Design Award is open from 1 October 2013 to 31 December 2013.
When is the deadline for submission?
​Submission of projects for VELUX International Design Award is open from 3 January 2014 to 31 March 2014.
When will the winners of the design award be announced?
​The winners will be announced at the award event that takes place in the beginning of May 2014. The specific date will be announced as soon as it is decided.  ​
How many entries do you expect?
​We hope that a couple of hundred students will join the design award contest.
Is it anonymous?
​Participation in the formal contest, the VELUX International Design Award, is anonymous to the public. Participation in the community competition requires that you create a community profile.
Do we have to use VELUX products in our project?
​Use of VELUX products is not a requirement.
Who has the rights to the submitted design concepts?
​The students will have full ownership and right to the design concept. If one solution qualifies for being converted into a prototype the VELUX Group will enter into a formal agreement with the student. This agreement will follow juridical standards and ensure it is beneficial for both parties.
Will the VELUX Group put some of the concepts into production?
We are hoping to receive ideas that fulfill our evaluation criteria and hold the potential for true innovation. If we receive such ideas we will enter into a formal cooperation agreement with the students and hopefully end up with something that can be produced and create value for all parts.



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